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Maple Candied Pecans


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  • CONVENIENT KETO DESSERT: Single-Serve Keto Friendly Candied Pecans - loaded with fancy pecans and candy-like coating with maple, cinnamon, and vanilla - satisfies cravings - 1g Net Carb

  • PURE PLEASURE. Missing your favorite candy and desserts? Maple Candied Pecans are the best keto snacks and treats to satisfy sweet-tooth cravings with a rich maple flavor and crunchy candy coating.

  • PERFECT FOR BAKING. Complement your favorite keto brownie mix, top on fluffy keto pancakes, or add a sweet, crunchy candy topping to your next chaffle masterpiece." "

The Convenient Keto Dessert that Satisfies Sweet Cravings

Craving a sweet treat? Maple Candied Pecans pack everything your sweet-tooth craves into a portion-controlled keto friendly snack loaded with:

  • Fancy pecans
  • Crunchy candy coating
  • Rich, buttery maple flavor

Whether you need a sweet treat to take on the go, sneak into the movies, or top on your next decadent chaffle or batch of keto pancakes…

Size 1.25 Ounce
Case Qty 24

Satisfy your sweet tooth with indulgent Maple Candied Pecans.
Pecans, Natural Sweetener (Erythritol, Monk Fruit Extract), Salt, Natural Maple Flavor with other natural flavors, Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon, Citric Acid. Contains: Pecan